Chimney Repair

Chimney repair

Chimney Repair

Weathertight Roofing carry out all aspects of work on chimney repair in Dublin and surrounding areas.

Chimney Leaks

Chimney Flashings

We can fix or fit new lead or copper chimney flashings.

Chimney Cowls and Flu Liners
We can install and fit all types of chimney cowls and flu liners.

Chimney Capping

If your chimney capping  has cracks in it, water will penetrate your chimney leading to serious damage that can go unnoticed for a long time. This can then often result in a rebuild . We can cap chimneys with sand cement, replace the capping or shutter a capping depending on the chimney.

Chimney Re-pointing

It can be visible from the ground to see when a chimney needs to be re-pointed. A chimney left undone can lead to loose bricks falling out and becoming unstable. Water penetration; if a chimney is done in time it saves the need to rebuild. All old mortar should be wrecked out, bricks cleaned and sealed then re-pointed with a suitable mortar joint.

Chimney Rebuild

Rebuilding a chimney is a job that requires a scaffolding to be put up to ensure the job is done safely. It’s clear to see when a chimney needs to be rebuilt as the cracks and damage is usually from the ground.

Chimney Re-plaster

A chimney re-plastered in time can save the need to rebuild. It’s obvious to see when a re-plaster is necessary; the cracks in the render are usually from the ground. When water penetrates the chimney it can lead to water soakage inside the home on the chimney breast.

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