June 10, 2019

Fiberglass Roofs

Need a Fibreglass Roof in Dublin ?

We are roofing contractors who specialise fibreglass flat roofs and other roofing details like valleys and balconies. We are fully insured, vat registered and committed to health and safety as well as building regulations.




  • 20 year guarantee from the
  • Available in different colours
  • Maintenance Freeacaa
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Fire Retardant
  • Suitable for Verandas & Balconies
  • Tough and Hard Wearing
  • Excellent Insulation Properties

We cover all of dublin and ireland we have a great proven track record of good jobs and happy costumers as we get a lot of refarel work from happy costumers and jobs well done.we always deliver the best quality jobs at affordable prices by using the best roofing materials and our attention to detail. The team are reliable qualified professional roofers and take great pride in every project they are involved with no matter how large or small.
We can supply work for homeowners, builders and commercial projects.

Roof being prepared for fibreglass
Roof nearly finished
Small bay window built by ourselves
fibreglass is great for roof window and other tricky roof details
We striped this old felt flat roof redone the falls and changed it to a warm roof
we built a new roof light
This roof came with 25 year guarantee
This is fibreglass valleys on a new build

fibreglass is great for valleys and other roofing details as it doesn’t expend and contracted like other roofing materials giving it a long life expectancy

These are 2 balconies we done in one of our on going projects. these 2 balconies were leaking so they got fibreglassed to fix the problems we can do a none slip finish. paving slabs went back down over these 2